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Our Children's Center is open as of Monday, July 6th.
See our COVID-19 Control Plan for more details regarding our procedures moving forward.



Full Day Childcare

Year-round childcare for children aged 2.9 - 6 years old licensed by the DEEC and accredited through NAEYC.

Accepting new enrollments. Contact the Children's Center at (413) 442-6106 for more information .

Our teachers believe that all children are special and unique, that they develop at their own pace, should be accepted unconditionally and treated with respect, patience, understanding and fairness.  We also believe that play is essential to a young child’s growth and development and that children learn by doing; through experimentation and “hands on” experiences.  While here at our Center, we encourage children to believe in and respect themselves and others, work and play cooperatively and have fun!

At the Children’s Center, we approach preschool education as a team; parents and teachers working together to ensure a positive experience for all of our children.  Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and educationally stimulating environment where children, supported by dedicated teachers, can grow and thrive in all aspects of their development.

Our Center currently offers four programs: 

1.      The Explorer Room: a full day program for children 2 years 9 months -  3 years old.

2.      The Sunshine Room: a full day program for older 3- and younger 4-year-old children

3.      The Rainbow Room: a full day program for older 4-year-old children

4.     The SEED Program: a full day program for 5-year-old children

Children in our programs can experience all that the Boys & Girls Club facility has to offer:  the skating rink, swimming pool, woodworking shop, kitchen and computer lab.  During the summer months, children enrolled in the Center spend time at Camp Russell on Richmond Shores.

Explorer Room

The Explorer Room is designed for our youngest 3-year-olds and is open year-round from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM. Parents have the option of choosing two, three or five days a week. 

Teachers in this program:

  • encourage independence by teaching children how to express and take care of their personal needs and their belongings
  • assist children in learning how to share and play cooperatively with others
  • introduce literacy by encouraging children to listen and respond
  • encourage children to interact with and explore their environment

Sunshine Room

The Sunshine Room is designed for our older 3- and younger 4year-olds.  It is open year-round from 7:30 AM -4:30 PM. Children may enroll two, three or five days a week. 

Some of our goals for children in this program are:

  • to build positive self-concepts, gain confidence in their abilities and feel good about themselves
  • to recognize and communicate their needs and feelings
  • to acquire basic readiness skills through “fun” and “hands on” learning experiences
  • to expand their natural creativity, curiosity and enthusiasm for learning

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room is designed for 4-year-olds who will be age eligible to enter Kindergarten the following fall.  It is open year-round from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM. Children may enroll two, three or five days a week. 

In addition to the above mentioned skills, teachers will help children to:

  • develop well rounded skills and interests
  • to include healthy lifestyle habits
  • acquire the social, self-help and problem solving skills that they will need for successful school and life experiences

Seed Room

The SEED Program is designed for children whose parents wish to give them an extra year before entering Kindergarten, for children who miss the public school cutoff date, and for children who turn 5 by December 31st. The year-round program operates Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM, with the option of adding Monday if needed.  

While much of the focus in this program is on readiness and preparing children for Kindergarten, there are other areas that teachers feel are extremely important to development.  These two areas also receive a great deal of emphasis throughout the day.

  • Self-Help Skills: In order to function in today’s Kindergarten, children must have strong self-help skills. They need to take care of their personal and school belongings. They need to ask questions, give information and ask for help. Being able to finish tasks, use the bathroom independently and attempt to dress themselves (jackets, boots, gloves) are also very important skills.
  • Self-Esteem: Feeling good about what you do sets the tone for who you are. Teachers choose activities that promote success. They give positive reinforcement to every attempt and accomplishment.          
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