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Parent & Me

Parent & Me Classes

  • Ages: 6 months – 3 years old
  • Parents required to enter water too with their child
  • Instructor facilitates and works with each parent and child.

Swimming Ideas identifies three goals in a Parent Tot class.  We want the parents to be comfortable holding their children in the water and doing similar skills that they’ll learn in swimming lessons. Parents are just as much students in these classes as the infant/tots are. Our instructors have a responsibility to teach the parents more than the children as the main “instruction” comes from the parent-child interaction. The parents are directly interacting with their children to do the listed skills and songs, while generally the instructor describes the activity, demonstrates it and attempts to do it with each participant’s child (if they’re willing to).  We also want the infants/tots to become comfortable interacting with the water. Our goal to gradually introduce them to being in the water, going underwater and ultimately, moving through the water on their own. This is a gradual and significant process that one lesson each week for a month will not achieve. Finally, we want the swimmer to be comfortable with the language, hand holds, and body position that swimming lessons will demand. Both parents can enter the water with one child, but one parent with two children not allowed. This class should require a 1:1 maximum of parents to children. Babies must wear a swim diaper.



  • Teach parents how to teach their swimmers.
    • Hand holds
    • Songs
    • Games
    • Cuing
    • Glides, passes, scoops
  • Teach swimmers how to go underwater, move independently
  • Prepare swimmers for group lessons when they turn 3 and can stand and move on their own.

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